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Luxury Stationery and Lettering

Letter Create Box is for anyone that loves the art of lettering, writing and stationary.


1. Sign Up!

Choose which subscription box you would like - monthly, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.  You get a FREE month when you select the 12 month subscription!

2.  Creating Amazing Letters With Beautiful Writing.

We will also include our favorite pens, inks and ideas to make your correspondence admired!

3. Learn New Techniques and Get New Ideas

Each month we will have a project that you can create, writing prompts for your pen-pal and creative ideas for your stationery.

I love that I get a card every month that has postage to send to my pen pal.

Carrie Smith

I have already learned some new and fun techniques for creating cards without having to own a bunch of supplies!  I love it!

Jennifer W.

I have these sent to my mother who is in Assisted Living - its great because she doesn't have to try to find stationery to send to her grand children!

Mary Jane F.

Start Getting The Best Stationery & Lettering Supplies Right To Your Front Door!

Because we use hand made items, limited luxury items and supplies - we have a limited number of subscriptions available.


How often will I get this box?

Every month we ship our boxes on the 25th.  If the 25th lands on a holiday or Sunday, we will send it the day prior.

Is it only Stationery?

No, in fact our boxes are filled with accessories, tape, stickers, greeting cards, card making kits, pens, inks, worksheets.  Each month you will have a large variety of items and supplies to work with.

What's in the box?

Each box is hand curated with a variety of stationery and cards.  We also include surprises such as washi tapes, stickers, pens, inks, lettering worksheets, decals, clips, notes, card making kits.  Each month it is a unique variety of these items.